Training My Own Guide Dog

Training my Own Guide Dog: Sagan, 17 Months 1 week old

My boy is starting to look like an old man. So far the side effects of the prednisone have not been too harsh. He lets me sleep all night for the most part. He does wake me up a little earlier than before but I don’t mind. He is definitely hungrier but his weight remains the same. The drug looks to be shrinking his muscles so his head looks rather skeletal and his legs are thin. My hope is that this will all resolve when this is over. He sleeps pretty much all day so he is easy to have around. I am looking forward to getting my rambunctious boy back.

The picture shows Sagan standing in the living room looking at the camera.

We are taking him for short walks and introducing some new concepts. We started teaching him about overhead obstacles last week. This is not an easy concept and I think he might have a little brain fog going on. He doesn’t quite get what is being asked of him. I also think we do not know the best way to teach it to him. We are figuring it out. Sagan is not super sensitive so a few mistakes on our part don’t seem to be too detrimental. I am confident that we will succeed over time. I am not rushing him now. We have time. This week we are going to set up some lower obstacles to help him get the idea.

The picture above shows Sagan taking a nap on the couch.

I have done a huge amount of research on autoimmune-mediated Extraocular Polymyositis over the last week. It is super rare but there is a correlation with vaccines. It appears that most dogs get over it after treatment but may have another episode if vaccinated again. This will be a tricky business as time goes on. I am doing my best to keep my equanimity as time passes. All I can say is please ask your vet to split out the vaccinations. Maybe if enough people ask, change will occur. 

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